Pyxis headset

Pyxis headset designed for the smallest resistance and the smoothest possible handlebar revs. Compatibile with integrated decks. The headset has integrated top pads.

Pegs V2

Above pegs V2- first Polish pegs with a system of interchangeable overlays (sleeves).

The pegs are made of self-lubricating plastic, so that sliding on the walls and pipes becomes much smoother and more enjoyable. Competing brands produce pegs entirely made of aluminium (they are disposable) or steel (they quickly rust, they put large resistances conducive to “indented obstacles” known to any rider). The cap on the Pegach does not rust, thus increasing the chances of performing a given trick and a longer grind.
Peg with overlay weighs only 38 grams, which ranks it at the forefront of the lightest pegs in the world.

The initial price of pegs is 160zł. When the overlay is worn, the cost of the replacement item is 29zł.
Per day 24.12.2018 average market price of pegs is about 110 zł/2 pcs.
Assuming we are intensively using our equipment and replacing the slip Part 2 times a year by buying pegs Above pegsV2 We will start saving on the second exchange!

The kit includes:

  • 2 pegs
  • 2 Overlays
  • 2 axles-65mm and 90 mm
  • 2 nuts


Length: 47 mm

Width (incl. cap): 29 mm

Weight: 38 gram

Designed and manufactured in Poland!